Dynamic Diaspora’s

Continuing Nutkhut’s interest in how migration and history have developed contemporary culture, through art, poetry and performance, co-Artistic Director Ajay Chhabra travelled to California in July 2018.

He met with artists, policy makers and programmers in Sacramento and attended the launch of the 40th San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival at City Hall, San Francisco.

Poet Laureate Kim Shuck read poems about dance with an eye to the way that traditional Cherokee Stomp Dance is used to re-balance the world. As a Tsalagi (Cherokee)/Euro-American poet, author, weaver, she has drawn from Southeastern Native American culture and tradition as well as contemporary urban Indian life.

Pictured Left to Right:  Kate Patterson-Murphy; Director of Communications, San Francisco Arts Commission, Rachelle Axel; Director of Public & Private Partnerships, San Francisco Arts Commission and Ajay Chhabra; Co-founder & Creative Director, Nutkhut


We’re off to Oslo!

We’re looking forward to heading back to the always spectacular Oslo Mela with our fabulous Princess & Maharajah Stilt Walkers this year!  We’ll be part of the official opening ceremony on 17th August and will be out and about throughout the whole festival until the 19th August.

Celebrating Thamesmead

We’ve long had an association with Thamesmead and felt very privileged to be included in their 50th Anniversary celebrations at Southmere Lake with Swyron joining over 5,500 community members who joined the party and took part in the festivities.

Chased by a Chappal

Have you ever been chased by a ‘Chappal’ before?

A generation or three of Mela goer’s will know what I mean and for those that don’t, never fear – think of a sandal or a slipper, reveal the toes – add some sparkly stuff and hey presto!

Our latest collaboration with Bureau of Silly Ideas, premiered in Kent and the West Midlands, to two very different audiences.

We were keen to test the waters, with both the technology and the narrative – the show is now available for bookings from Autumn 2018 and is best suited for Fireworks parades, Diwali festivals and Christmas events.

It’s a fun, anarchic and joyous piece of theatre, with a colourful LED lighting display –  this is the result of this summer’s work.

Join us on tour – book us – call us – selfie us!

Chase that Chappal or be chased!


The Great Get Together

We attended the Great Get Together at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in Stratford on 24th June. Jay Kumar and his fantastic Bollywood workshop full of fun and energy entertained the crowds at this family friendly event that saw over 10,000 people celebrate the diversity of East London.

The story of the largest Mass Migration in the World!

Never set eyes on the Land is our newest installation and part of Nutkhut’s Defining Moment projects.

With the support of the Heritage Lottery fund we’ve been working with the amazing designing duo Abby and Alice as well as some wonderful community groups and volunteers to bring you this reflective piece about Partition.

Capturing parts of this momentous event in 20th century history we feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to chat with and learn from Partition survivors.

Never set eyes on the Land opens at the Greenwich & Docklands International Festival and is part of their programme from 22nd – 24th June.

Look out for the Largest Dhol Drum in the World!

In collaboration with Walk the Plank and Dhol Academy we’re bringing back the largest Dhol Drum in the world and visiting a variety of Mela Partnership mela’s up and down the country this summer!

Starting off at the Manchester Mega Mela on 21st July we’ll also be visiting Luton Mela, Bradford Mela, London Mela and Newcastle Mela this year!

Be prepared to be amazed as this fantastic spectacle twists and turns, surprising audiences young and old.

Chappal – The case of the Missing Sandal


We’re really excited to be teaming up with the team at the Bureau of Silly Ideas to bring you a brand new show Chappal.

As part of the Mela Partnership programme we will be bringing the show to Tunbridge Wells Mela on Sunday 1st July and Sandwell & Birmingham Mela on Saturday 14th July.

Join us for some madcap fun and mayhem as Inspector Daal and Sergeant Sole investigate the mystery of Aunt-ji’s missing antique Sandal.


Shipley Royalty!

We are proud to be a small part of SHIPLEY STREET ARTS FESTIVAL 2016!

With three days (Friday 1st July to Sunday 3rd July) of fantastic performances from internationally-renowned street theatre companies and creative arts from the local community on the streets of Shipley, this year’s Festival is set to be bigger and better than ever.

Shipley is mentioned in the Domesday Book of 1086, in the form Scipelei – thats cooler than a Maharaja!

Nutkhut are no strangers to Shipley, the City of Bradford and West Yorkshire – we’ve been performing with artists, communities and festivals in the region since the mid 1990’s.

Shipley Street Arts Festival is a not-for-profit festival created and run by Shipley-based street theatre company, Q20 Events.