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Wow wee its NIPAA (Nutkhut’s InterPlanetary Autumn Activity) time!

A decade ago, Nutkhut pioneered a different way of working.

Nutkhut’s InterPlanetary Autumn Activity

A decade ago, Nutkhut brought audiences to the attention of Holsts ‘Savitiri’ –  a new commission with the Philharmonia Orchestra ,  a London premiere – a creative collaboration for the London Olympics as a finale of the London Mela. It set off the heels of motion for a whole new generation of artists of South Asian origin to bring together two different yet complementary worlds.

Written in Edwardian England by a man who never set foot in India, Socialist, teetotal, vegetarian trombonist from Gloucestershire became proficient in Sanskrit and absorbed himself in ancient Vedic philosophy.

“The Planets is a stunning piece of music. The inspiration it holds for modern cinema is undeniable. It deserves its place in history as one of the most seminal & iconic pieces ever written.” CultureSlate

Nutkhut are a community partner collaborating with The Holst Birthplace Trust & PlayLa.bZ CIC On Holst Spaceship Earth: Transit of Venus

This September, a series of Holst 150 events will celebrate the 150th birthday of musical icon Gustav Holst, including a free community event at Imperial Gardens on the seminal composer’s birthday.

This multipotentiality knowledge share project will bring together a diverse and stellar crew of cultural innovators, academics, narrative designers, musicians and createch artists to craft a new multi-sensory experience, that will conceptually craft Holst’s Spaceship Earth & The 1874 Transit of Venus.

Nutkhut are working with PlayLa.bZ, The Holst Birthplace Trust & switched on creative minds at University of Gloucestershire – School of Creative Arts, join us in being part of pop culture history for #Holst150 #LetsCreate

Get ready, Southampton! Saturday 13 July 2024

Nutkhut is bringing a spectacular highlight to this year’s Mela: our giant Hema Malini-inspired princess!

This breathtaking creation will tower over the festivities, blending classic Bollywood charm with vibrant artistry.

As she graces the Mela, prepare for an unforgettable experience filled with cultural richness and dazzling performances.

“Hema Malini’s mesmerizing power and fame are akin to Hollywood legends like Audrey Hepburn, captivating audiences across generations.”

Join us for a day of joy, music, dance, and the enchanting presence of our princess. Just as Southampton, famous for its ocean liners, connects the world through its port, this celebration will connect diverse cultures through vibrant artistry.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary celebration – it’s going to be a day to remember!

See you at the Southampton Mela, where magic and tradition unite.


In a heartfelt tribute to the armed forces, Nutkhut associate Paul Gurung delivered a compelling performance in Aldershot, celebrating Armed Forces Day 2024.

Patricia – Aldershot resident

“We have been coming for years and this was different, unique and a reminder that so many nations and nationalities have contributed to our freedoms – we too often forget that”

As the son of a Gurkha veteran, Gurung’s art vividly brings to life the rich legacy of the Gurkhas, whose courage and loyalty to the British Crown remain unparalleled.

His portrayal not only honour’s his father’s service but also enshrines the invaluable contributions of the Gurkhas in the nation’s collective consciousness. Armed Forces Day is a pivotal occasion for honouring our servicemen and women. Through the powerful medium of art, stories of sacrifice and bravery are vividly immortalised.

Gurung’s performance transcends mere historical recount, offering a profound, personal connection to the past.

As acclaimed historian David McCullough aptly said,

“History is who we are and why we are the way we are.”

Gurung’s work echoes this sentiment, preserving the Gurkhas’ heritage and their enduring impact on our history.


Nutkhut’s Swyron at Glastonbury: A Spectacle of Change

Nutkhut’s Swyron was a standout performance at Glastonbury, blending contemporary art with the timeless magic of storytelling. This innovative spectacle captivated audiences with its vibrant choreography, dazzling costumes, and immersive theatrics, creating an unforgettable experience. Swyron, with its fusion of traditional and modern elements, exemplified the power of festivals as catalysts for change.

Festivals like Glastonbury serve as powerful mechanisms of change by bringing diverse communities together, fostering cultural exchange, and promoting creativity. They provide a platform for new ideas and perspectives, encouraging social and environmental awareness. In the dynamic setting of Glastonbury, Swyron highlighted the importance of unity and the potential for collective action. Through art and performance, festivals inspire attendees to envision and work towards a more inclusive and innovative future.

Alex, a first-time Glastonbury attendee and volunteer:

“Swyron was a Glasto moment for me. I was drawn in by the detail and the way in which the performers engaged, through their physicality, masks, and the non verbal nature in a festival clamouring for my attention.”

Priya, a long-time festival goer and graphic designer:

“Nutkhut’s Swyron perfectly encapsulated that space, that mission, of blending tradition with innovation.”

Nutkhut and Glastonbury have seamlessly integrated recycling into every aspect of their work. Swyron was crafted using recycled materials. This eco-friendly approach demonstrates how creativity and sustainability can coexist, producing art that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also environmentally conscious.

Glastonbury transcends its reputation as a mere music festival; it is a confluence of ideas and cultures, propelling us towards a more inclusive and sustainable future. Until next year, may the spirit of the festival continue to inspire.