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Diwali @ Marble Hill

Marble Hill

Saturday 11 November from 2pm


Nutkhut returns to present a magical Diwali event on the banks of the River Thames in London.


I stumbled across this magical event whilst walking my dog – the area needs it, people come together and celebrate, what more could you want!
Andrea – local resident and audience member

Working alongside our partners English Heritage , Nutkhut presents an afternoon and evening celebrating the Festival of Lights with Diwali lantern making workshops for all ages using Nutkhut’s pioneering eco fully sustainable Diwali lanterns. Expect light illuminations, classical, bhangra and Bollywood dance from the next generation of local talent,  our very own ensemble   Drummers, giant puppets and more.

I loved the lantern making workshops, I leant something new and I reconnected with my heritage. To create some craft that was sustainable and eco friendly using this special technique made it all the more special Anousha – participant

The Princess and the Chickpea


“We are all connected, we all share the same hopes, fears and dreams”

Simmy Gupta

The Princess and the Chickpea is an exciting new collaboration between Nutkhut and Cirque Bijou for festivals and outdoor spaces, co-commissioned by Bula Festival, Camp Bestival Shropshire and Newcastle Mela.

The reimagining of the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale classic, transports us to 16th century Mughal India, where dreams transport intergenerational audiences into technicolour.

This mid scale outdoor arts circus show for families, will feature Kathak, puppetry, and a specially composed soundtrack.

Following a decade of collaboration and pushing the boundaries of outdoor circus, theatre and parades, Nutkhut and Cirque Bijou reunite with this new family show. Drawing on a range of theatrical techniques and styles with a modern twist and a sprinkling of humour.

Nutkhut’s Swyron @ Glastonbury Festival 2023 | Where Science and Spirituality coexist


A Glastonbury Festival Theatre & Circus New Commission in collaboration with award winning Nutkhut and Victoria Gugenheim. 


Nutkhut are presenting a new character exclusively for Glastonbury Festival 2023. Daasata (Hindi for Nemesis) will come to life during the duration of the festival – performance art/live art in partnership with award winning Body painter and artist Victoria Guggenheim. Inspired by Nemesis, the gender-neutral Greek Goddess of Indignation and the Twin Paradox theory.


Co-Artistic Director Ajay Chhabra said “Creating a universal theme, of two sides of the same character, coming together and to present this on the world stage, through the lens of sustainability, community, art and technology has been both an honour and a joy!”


Artistic Director and Choreographer Simmy Gupta “It’s mind-blowing to see our vision come to life as a bird’s eye view. It has been a wonderful experience and so heart-warming to see this dream of bringing to life a story that is over 5000 years old to life to the world’s festival!”


Daasata is part of Swyron’s multiverse – दासता Daasata.


Arguably Nutkhut’s most visually ambitious work to date, Swyron is a spiritual revolutionary, a nomadic warrior, plucked from the battlefields of the Mahabharata and re-imagined with a futuristic twist. Channelling the visionary genius of HG Wells, Nutkhut’s bold reinvention, where Victoriana meets Vedic.


Based on a timeless universal theme of futurism, all with a Glastonbury backdrop, Nutkhut’s creative approach to diversity, representation and the Global majority is a unique process of powerful storytelling and how new work comes alive with the audience as participants.


What: The Story


As if a character bursting from the pages of a graphic novel, Swyron arrives adorned in intricate bejewelled armour, sitting astride a steam-billowing time machine, the distinctive beats of Asian underground thundering from beneath his imposing figure.

Of all Swyron’s mythical powers perhaps the greatest lies in his ability to delight and astound audiences in equal measure. Children and adults alike are left enraptured as they follow Swyron on his intergalactic exploits, ever fluctuating between the comedic and the apocalyptic.


The Happening – Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in T&C Field


Daasata ( दासता ) will be called into being each day of Glastonbury Festival.

This magical and powerful transformation will happen before the eyes of Glastonbury’s Theatre & Circus’ gathered crowds.

Victoria Guggenheim and Nutkhut will work together to conjure this intergalactic time-traveller.

With intricate paint design, neon lights, fluro colours and junk/cyber/steam/Vedic punk fashion. Daasata becomes a mixture of science and spirituality.

Once their body is drawn and their realm is known, Daasata ( दासता ) adorn themselves in their extraordinary armour and mask.


Daasata ( दासता ) is ready…


Swyron and the bold, brash & beautiful folk of Glastonbury …beware!

An exciting opportunity for a Freelance Project Producer to join our team.

We’re looking for a freelance project producer for a range of projects in the companies drive toward quality and ambition in the outdoor arts sector.

To Work with:
Nutkhut and the Mela Partnership partners

The Role:
We are seeking an enthusiastic and experienced individual to join our small but committed team. This role will encompass a range of responsibilities connected to the delivery of outdoor arts projects.

You will:
Deliver existing projects and work with the team in designing new projects.

Person Specification:
Key Attributes
• Great people skills
• Passion for the arts sector as a whole and a knowledge of Outdoor Arts
• Strength in building and maintaining positive relationships with community partners
• Good administrative and organisational skills
• Budgeting Experience
• A creative approach to problem solving and an ability to make things happen
• Interest in cross sector opportunities
• Can work as part of a team and also independently

Details of employment:
Freelance contract based on the number of days worked and experience.

Either with a written cover letter and CV including bullet points or sub headings.
Or if you would prefer to talk about your experiences and how you think you’d be great for the job we are accepting video entries of up to 5 minutes long.

Video applications should include:
• Details of your previous employment and work experience, including names of employers, dates of employment, job titles and a brief outline of your responsibilities
• Relevant educational and training qualifications

Closing date for application is: Midday Monday 10th April 2023

All applications should be sent to:

Please write “Application for Freelance Project Producer” in the subject line.

Please attach PDF versions of your cover letter and CV or send your video via WeTransfer.