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Thank You Mozfest!

We were very proud to have Premiered ‘Girmit’ at the first ever Virtual Mozilla Festival.

The event included a discussion with the creative team and featured the Making of Girmit Video as well as the World Premiere of the Girmit VR 360° experience.

With such a great multi-disciplinary team of digital artists, academics, heritage experts, archivists and educationalists all working towards the shared objective of highlighting this hidden story, we felt very privileged to have this opportunity to present a project borne out of the Pandemic in such a unique setting.

You can enjoy the Girmit VR 360° HERE

And for more information visit


“Rebuilding community through Technology”

“We’ve got Zoom, we’ve got the phone, and most importantly, we’ve got each other. Whether you can see someone or not, the bond of family – that bond of love is always going to be there. We’re going to get through this.”
Chancellor Rishi Sunak

At this time of year, we would normally be producing, curating and organising outdoor celebrations around the UK, but due to the pandemic, these have been cancelled.

In these changing times, Nutkhut have collaborated with our partners, PlayLabZ and with a small team of artists and technologists to develop new ways of bringing people together.

Last weekend we premiered Melatopia, the World’s 1st Global Mela to a national and international audience. Using multiple platforms including Virtual Reality, the event, brought together on a shoestring budget, in a record three weeks, was visited by over a ¼ of a million people across 5 continents.

With ‘NutkhutRemote’ – as part of our investment in re-building community through technology, this Diwali 2020, we launch our latest strand of activity.

It was the Nobel Prize winning multi-dimensional scientist Dennis Gabor in his book ‘Inventing the Future” who future gazed with his observation:

“…and the creative artist may paint with a light beam, coloured at will by a touch of his fingers, which will be no more artificial to him than using a paint brush.”

Taking the festival of Diwali as a creative starting point, Nutkhut Associate and VR specialist, Lorna Inman adopts the three-dimensional computer-generated environment of Virtual Reality and places it within the ancient tradition of Rangoli, a geometric, technicolour aesthetic.

“Encouraging curiosity and keeping connected by offering free creative and educational tools, to the public, our existing and new audiences, is at the heart of this new initiative.”
Simmy Gupta, Nutkhut

With accessible creative tools like Tilt Brush, a new breed of up & coming artists can play, dance & flow with light art. So perfect timing for Diwali and its spiritual connection with art and wellbeing during a year like no other.

“Diving into the world of Rangoli has been an exciting introduction to an ancient art form and bringing it to a wider 21st century audience, using new technology has been very exciting for me as an artist.”
Lorna Inman

At its heart, NutkhutRemote is an activity designed to bring people together, learn new skills in a virtual environment and foster dialogue and creativity between generations of the same community or household.

“It was fantastic to collaborate again with Nutkhut & Lorna Inman – to share the mind expanding magic of immersive cyberdelic light art for social good.”
James E. Marks, Co-Founder PlayLabZ & PsychFi Artivist

“It was very nice to share my knowledge of Rangoli with the next generation. I have no idea of this technology but I want to learn – we can teach each other.”
Sudesh Kumari – Participant – Birmingham

With the gift of time, we have worked with our associate artists, partners and communities to unearth new creative solutions and new opportunities for our freelance family and our audiences.


Happy Diwali to you all!

The UK’s biggest South Asian Festival LONDON MELA goes online and virtual to create the world’s first global Asian diaspora festival

The 18th edition of South Asian culture-fest, London Mela will be held online and virtually for the first time ever on 7-8 November 2020. The much-loved festival is reinvented as a digital and virtual reality event; Melatopia, featuring South Asian music, dance, food, and culture for a one-of-a-kind festival experience within an immersive VR experience in Sansar.

Usually performed at the festival’s home in Southall Park, we’ve embraced the digital realm with the first Virtual Reality Mela ever staged, to keep everyone safe during COVID 19.

The award-winning event’s producers Nutkhut, Mela Partnership and Remarkable Productions join forces with Shangri-La’s Lost Horizon Festival to create a new online virtual reality venue, MELATOPIA, which is built using Sansar, Wookey Technologies’ cutting-edge, photorealistic platform for virtual live events and can be experienced on PC, VR or mobile (iOS), plus will be streamed live on Twitch and across social media.

Audiences will be able to experience live artists, dance performances and DJs in an extraordinary VR online space specially created for the Mela. Whether viewed on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or wearing VR glasses, audiences will be able to engage with the performances and each other in new and innovative ways. Viewers are encouraged to book 7/8 November out in their diaries and invite friends and family to an online watch party. COVID 19 has stopped audiences visiting the Mela in London, so the London Mela will come to them wherever they are in our great city and wherever they are in the world.

The London Mela is best known for its adventurous programming and genre-crossing collaborations from an incredible mix of household names and contemporary artists. This year will be no different with US/Indian rapper The Raja Kumari headlining the show. In support we have an incredible collaboration between Juggy D and Pandit Ram Sahai Sangeet Vidhyalaya (PRSSV), 5 Tabla players from Singh Sabha Southall Education Centre in Southall.

Pop sensation and BBC Future Music Artist Celina Sharma features as well as Roma Sagarand Rio Jai. Punjabi Hit Squad promise to get the audience jumping around their front rooms with a barnstorming set. No Mela is complete without qawwali and the Mela is proud to present Chand Ali Khan, one of the UK’s most exciting qawwali talents, complete with 7-piece live band. Rounding of this first announcement, London Mela presents the legendary Panjabi MC, producer of the seminal Mundian To Bach Ke, possibly the greatest crossover dance tune from the South Asian diaspora.

All artists featured in Melatopia will be recorded exclusively for the event.


Ajay Chhabra, Artistic Director, Melatopia said:

“When a global diaspora meets new technology, change happens, The South Asian presence in Silicon Valley is completely engaged with Mela and Melatopia is our way of bringing people together in a time of isolation. Change creates challenging new opportunities. With so much change occurring all around us, from the very personal loss of loved ones to the major change artists and communities are facing the world over. Melatopia is our way to keep fearless ambition alive, to be bold, to take risks and to create a new platform for what we know best, the coming together of community and artists to create a new utopia, Melatopia! The South Asian Diaspora is international, with a footprint on every major continent, in every major city globally – In a time of isolation, Melatopia is an exciting new opportunity to bring this international diaspora of people together, by using new technology and cross arts form connections, to a new and intergenerational audience.”

Chris Macmeikan MBE, Lost Horizon said:

“We want to build festivals that the whole world can attend. In July of this year, our innovative work with VR and streaming at Lost Horizons attracted over 4m people from over 100 countries. That is why we are so excited that our second project is with London Mela. London Mela is already a hub to the entire Asian Diaspora. Now, we will create the world’s first Global Mela together.”

Sheri Bryant, President of Sansar said:

“Sansar is incredibly proud to introduce VR, PC, and mobile audiences to this immersive Mela Festival of Desi culture.  With our partnership with Lost Horizon and now London Mela, we look forward to delivering art, community, and joy all rolled together into one amazing virtual festival the entire world can enjoy.”


Event: Melatopia

Dates: Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th November 2020

Times: 15:00 – 03:00 (3PM to 3AM) GMT


Venue: the gateway to MELATOPIA within Sansar the global VR leader in live events


Melatopia streams live on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube

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Share your Story with Us!

Nutkhut is excited to share that it needs members of the public to get involved in its latest project.

We’re on the lookout for personal stories about indentured labour in the 20th century as part of our new arts and heritage project, Girmit.

Project Girmit is a Nutkhut arts and heritage initiative focusing on the indentured labour system in Fiji between 1870 and 1920. After slavery was abolished in 1833, the British and other European powers started the indenture system to source cheap labour for their colonies.

Over 60,000 Indians were transported to Fiji between 1870 and 1920 as part of a legitimate but enforced mass migration.

Through the project, Nutkhut and its partners are looking to delve into this forgotten but essential part of history by sharing personal stories from those who knew people who were part of the indentured labour system.

Nutkhut is looking for people with indentured labour stories to tell and is especially interested in hearing from people of Mauritian, Trinidadian and Guyanese heritage, as well as British-Fijian heritage, whose ancestors were indentured labourers.

If you or a family member of yours is a descendent of an indentured labourer and are happy to share stories with Nutkhut for its Girmit oral history piece, please do get in touch with us.

You can email if you’re interested and if you know someone who might be interested in speaking to us, please do pass on the message.

This is a chance to be involved in a project about a long-forgotten but vital part of our history.

Girmit is part of our Defining Moments series of projects.  For more information click here