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Each year, Girmit Day is marked by the Indo-Fijian community on the 14th May. Girmit Day reflects the shared past of ancestors brought together in distant lands by the British colonial indenture system in Fiji. Girmit Day also marks the birth of the community’s identity and their uniqueness as a diaspora.

To mark Girmit Day this year, the Nutkhut team is engaging in two exciting events on Friday 14th May and we invite you to join us for both:

10am – 11.20am – ‘Going Somewhere’
Celebrating Women of Indian-Fijian Heritage Nutkhut Associate, lawyer Angena Bhagwandeen will chair the partnership event and the discussion will focus on celebrating women of Indian-Fijian Heritage.  It will feature presentations and readings by Nutkhut’s Learning and Engagement Manager Ellie Newland, artist Shivanjani Lal, economist and activist Dr Faiza Shaheen and journalist Rebecca Singh.

Register your free place HERE

12 Noon – Girmit Talks
We’re inviting you to mark Girmit Day with us as we bring together the core team behind the Girmit project, to focus on the work we have achieved and highlight the education toolkit. We will also be launching our graphic novel by Tui Ledua.

You’ll be able to view both events online via our social media channels at 12 Noon, or via our YouTube Channel HERE

If you’d like to learn more about this project you can explore the World of Girmit via

At the end of March we partnered with Continental Drifts and Global Local to bring you London’s Remixed Festival 2021 – The worlds largest virtual reality music and arts event, staging a wealth of artists from around the world highlighting the sounds of remixed culture.

Relive some of the fun here

We’ve partnered with Continental Drifts and Global local for this years ground breaking London Remixed Festival taking place to a global audience on 26th and 27th March 2021.

This global remix special, will be taking place in Lost Horizon, the world’s largest virtual reality music and arts venue, showcasing artists and genres from around the world embracing the digital arena and highlighting a tiny portion of our remixed planet.

We are proud to be associated with this years Festival. The past year has seen a period of change and adaptation which has brought new people, new artists and new ways of working together. We have fast tracked change in the arts by pressing the reset button and working with arts across the world on one single event and are looking forward to two fantastic evenings of entertainment which will include artists representing new culture from the Asian Diaspora.

You can join us live via the link below on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th March from 8pm – 1am (GMT).

Have you ever been chased by a ‘Chappal’ before?

A generation or three of Mela goer’s will know what I mean and for those that don’t, never fear – think of a sandal or a slipper, reveal the toes – add some sparkly stuff and hey presto!

Our latest R & D with Bureau of Silly Ideas, premiered in Kent and the West Midlands, to two very different audiences.

We were keen to test the waters, with both the technology and the sketch based narrative.

Watch out for the runaway Chappal in 2019 or be chased!