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Who Are We!

Over the past two summers, we have been piloting a new way of identifying our audiences, where they come from and why they attend our events? Our audiences are intergenerational, multi, sometimes try lingual, so we've started to apply this to the make up of our teams. Welcome Simi and Reena!
The Partition of India in 1947 resulted in the largest mass migration in human history. 14 million Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians, were displaced. This lit the fuse for a series of events that not only changed the Sub-Continent but also Britain forever. Partition carries a living legacy in the UK and across the world and this is one of the last opportunities to hear and learn directly from the generation who experienced this climatic upheaval. Never Set Eyes (on the Land) follows the 2016 production of Dr Blighty exploring the story of wounded WW1 Indian soldiers who convalesced in the Royal Pavilion Brighton. The exhibition takes its name from a line in W.H. Auden’s caustic poem, ‘Partition’, written 20 years after the boundary lines of the Sub-Continent was drawn up by a British civil servant. Capturing a part of this momentous event in 20th-century history, Nutkhut has worked—supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund—with Partition survivors, community groups, schools, heritage volunteers and artists to create this installation. This exhibition is open at the Stephen Lawrence Gallery from 30th April to 17th May 2019 | Free Private View: Wednesday 8th May, 6 pm