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Bishan Mazumdar

Hailing from the Bangladesh in Chittagong region, at the age of five Bishan had an overwhelming passion for dance.

Bishan has studied dance at the famous Shilpocala Dance Academy, one of the leading academies in South East Asia where he trained in classical Indian and Bangladeshi folk dance & Contemporary dance, as well as popular western Dance like jazz and Ballet. After finishing studies Bishan came to the UK to further his education in dance.

While In the UK Bishan studied dance at Weymouth College while at the same time touring across the UK doing stage and TV shows. Bishan has been a regular performer for many of the Asian satellite channels - being broadcast across Bangla TV, Channel S, Channel I, Zee TV, NTV and also Star Plus.

Fun Fact

Bishan was tutored by Akram Khan, a global leading contemporary dance master.

Whats next?

Bishan wants to pass on his passion for Indian dance in the UK through his Bollywood dance classes. His vision is simple and deep, to promote Bollywood contemporary dance based on Indian ideologies, Dance is fun, Dance is energetic, Dance is liberating, Dance empowers, Dance means passion and love.

Made In Mela

Arts Council England support Nutkhut’s National initiative of incorporating Mela into the wider Outdoor Arts sector.

The Arts Council has announced an investment to support Made in Mela: a national partnership to integrate Mela into the wider outdoor arts sector.

A programme of high quality work will reach family audiences through Melas in Luton, Manchester, Newcastle, London, Tunbridge Wells and Sandwell & Birmingham.

Joyce Wilson, London Area Director, Arts Council England, said:

“The Arts Council is dedicated supporting and promoting art forms which reflect the nation we serve. Nutkhut's project is an important step towards recognising the south Asian celebration of Mela as a vital part in our collective culture. Hundreds of families and children across the country will be introduced to it in the best possible way.

Khairul Alam, Chair of Manchester Mega Mela said:

‘This unique opportunity recognizes the impact Mela has made on the cultural landscape of the UK. For almost 30 years, Mela has quietly existed on the fringes of the arts sector, but has remained an important and central moment in the lives of our communities – this initiative brings Mela in to the mainstream.”

Ajay Chhabra co-Artistic Director Nutkhut, said:

“Mela brings people together. Made in Mela is an exciting programme to support, develop and strengthen the outdoor arts sector, through artistic exchange, professional development and opportunities for all audiences to experience the best of diverse outdoor work nationally.”

The funding is part of the Arts Council’s Strategic Touring Programme, which aims to give people better access to quality work in a range of venues to reach more people across the country, targeting places with low levels of art engagement and those that rely on touring for arts and culture. It welcomes applications for a wide range of arts on tour including, in particular, mid-scale theatre, inbound international work, and more work by and for people from diverse backgrounds.

In this round of the fund, there are nine successful applicants from London with a total investment of £1,389,779.

Information about the programme and application deadlines for future rounds can be found here.

#Mela Matters #1 - 2017

The first Mela Seminar of 2017 and launch of the Mela Matters Advocacy Document, in partnership with the University of Wolverhampton, to mark the significant impact Mela and the Arts have made to South Asian communities in Britain today.

Date: 17/01/2017

Copies of the document will be made available on the day and distributed to key stakeholders and funding bodies. There will also be an online version available on this website.

By invitation only.

For Further details:

2017 marks the 70th anniversary of Partition. Through the power of the arts, Mela has transformed the way in which South Asian communities celebrate in the public domain. Led largely by volunteers, the Mela movement has grown to create a significant critical mass over the past 7 decades. Mela successfully engages with initiatives around social cohesion and integration, access and engagement all through the prism of the arts. To mark this anniversary and the contribution made by Mela in transforming perceptions of communities, The Mela Partnership kicks off the year with this key seminar with speakers and guests who have made a significant difference in public life to Mela and to the arts in general.


Speakers include representatives from the Outdoor Arts sector, ACE, ISAN and the University of Wolverhampton.

Pinch, Punch - Joke's on Us!

The Mystery of April Fool's Day.

Do you know much about the All Fool's Day? We sure didn't here at NutKhut! And to be honest, we now know even less...

Much like the mischievous time itself, April 1st's origins are uncertain.

There's much speculation this yearly day-of-play stems from a rejoicing of springtime.

With the clocks changing and sudden summery spells headlining our weather reports, there's plenty of colourful change to in the air that could encourage such a day.

Curiously, this ambiguous time of winter jumpers Vs. summer shirts makes us so often feels the weather is playing tricks on us, too!

Quit the clowning around, Mother Nature!

But delving deeper, there is a riotous history of parties at the time of year - including the Greco-Roman festival, Hilaria.

Traditionally celebrated on March 25th to honour Cybele, an Ancient Greek Mother of Gods, the Greeks sure knew how to throw a party!

Parades, pranks and masquerades were all on the menu to mark the occasion and the first day after the vernal equinox.

No kidding!

It's fascinating to learn and then soon unlearn how little we really know about the day.

All the while we have so little grasp on the origins of the day, we still have taken such a fancy to it - particularly in Europe and North America.

Celebrated with jokes and good intent, there is fun to be had in this day of merriment - and why not, we say!?

Yes, the origins remain a mystery - but one thing's for sure - us not knowing the history behind the mask but simply celebrating the whole light-hearted of the day at face-value is a welcome breath of fresh air.

We wish you a Happy April Fool's, folks!

Nutkhut is pleased to announce that it will continue as an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation for the next four years.

We will continue to create ambitious work nationally and internationally, develop new partnerships and make great art accessible to everyone.

A sincere thank you to all of our partners!

The Nutkhut Team.