Nukthut’s Bollywood Battalion – 2024

Nukthut’s Bollywood Battalion – 2024

Nutkhut, meaning ‘mischief,’ honours our town’s military heritage with a lively new dance company. Local talent, inspired by historical links, brings energetic performances that celebrate community spirit and cultural legacy.

“Plenty Drama! Plenty Passion! Pure Joy and Fun!” Mrs Thapa – Audience member “

This newly formed group of local residents recognises the importance of the region’s military history whilst acknowledging the love and thirst people have when art transforms public spaces through the power of people coming together.” Simmy Gupta Co Artistic Director.

Everything Nutkhut does, it does with a twist—it’s never quite what you expect. Nutkhut’s Bollywood Battalion, is a brand-new dance group composed of local residents from the district of Rushmoor in Hampshire, in England. This multi-generational ensemble features a diverse range of ages, nationalities, and abilities, including Army veterans, Ukrainian refugees, Indian IT experts, compassionate care workers, and individuals both young and old.

It’s a vibrant mix representing the best of British and international diversity. Nutkhut’s philosophy is to bring people together through exciting new experiences that often transform a community and the space in which people live and work. The golden thread running through our company is the joy of coming together to be part of something unique and special.

No two Nutkhut shows are the same, from caring for our communities to taking our local environment into consideration, from untold stories to bringing to life curious and creative stories. For Victoria Day 2024, Nutkhut created a unique dance choreography, reimagining this historical event by turning it on its head, inside out, and upside down.

The choreography, created by Simmy Gupta, Co-Artistic Director, was set to the track “London Thumakda” from the Bollywood film Queen. The lyrics of this song reflect the experiences of a young woman in the UK, resonating with the film’s game-changing, low-budget, women-centric narrative. The performance included references to Queen Victoria and the ringing of the chimes of Big Ben, symbolising a period of British history that is evolving and changing.

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