Armed Forces Day – keeping Gurkha Memories Alive through Art

Armed Forces Day – keeping Gurkha Memories Alive through Art

In a heartfelt tribute to the armed forces, Nutkhut associate Paul Gurung delivered a compelling performance in Aldershot, celebrating Armed Forces Day 2024.

Patricia – Aldershot resident

“We have been coming for years and this was different, unique and a reminder that so many nations and nationalities have contributed to our freedoms – we too often forget that”

As the son of a Gurkha veteran, Gurung’s art vividly brings to life the rich legacy of the Gurkhas, whose courage and loyalty to the British Crown remain unparalleled.

His portrayal not only honour’s his father’s service but also enshrines the invaluable contributions of the Gurkhas in the nation’s collective consciousness. Armed Forces Day is a pivotal occasion for honouring our servicemen and women. Through the powerful medium of art, stories of sacrifice and bravery are vividly immortalised.

Gurung’s performance transcends mere historical recount, offering a profound, personal connection to the past.

As acclaimed historian David McCullough aptly said,

“History is who we are and why we are the way we are.”

Gurung’s work echoes this sentiment, preserving the Gurkhas’ heritage and their enduring impact on our history.