Girmit to Permit

Girmit to Permit

The “Girmit to Permit” conference, hosted at the Senedd in Cardiff, marked a significant milestone in discussing the historical and contemporary implications of migration from the Indian subcontinent to Wales.

The Nutkhut team presented aspects of our Gimrit work at the Welsh Parliament.

Prof K Singhal and the Welsh Government are leading the global discourse in ensuring Girmit becomes part of our national curriculum. Ajay Chhabra

The term “Girmit” refers to the system of indentured labor prevalent during the British colonial era, where Indian workers were brought to various parts of the British Empire, including Fiji and parts of Africa.

“A long overdue topic which should take centre stage in Welsh public life” Judge Ray Singh CBE

The conference aimed to explore the enduring legacy of this migration, focusing particularly on its impact on culture, identity, and community in Wales. It provided a platform for academics, community leaders, and descendants of Girmitiyas (indentured labourers) to share their insights and personal stories.

Key discussions included the challenges faced by early migrants, their contributions to Welsh society, and the evolution of cultural identities over generations. Speakers highlighted the resilience of the Girmitiya community and their role in shaping the multicultural fabric of modern Wales.

Additionally, the conference addressed contemporary issues such as immigration policies and integration efforts affecting South Asian communities in Wales today. It underscored the importance of understanding historical migrations in shaping inclusive and diverse societies.

Overall, “Girmit to Permit” fostered dialogue and reflection on the rich heritage of South Asian migration to Wales, emphasizing its profound and lasting impact on the nation’s social and cultural tapestry.