Nutkhut @ Glastonbury Festival 2024

Nutkhut @ Glastonbury Festival 2024

“This is much more than a job to us,” says Ajay Chhabra, co-artistic director of our Aldershot-based arts company, Nutkhut. “The work we make can be informative, but it also brings joy to people and puts a smile on their faces.”

As regular visitors to the Glastonbury Festival will know, we at Nutkhut – the Hindi word for ‘mischievous’ – are a familiar face at Glastonbury’s Circus and Theatre Fields, where performers of all kinds mingle with festival-goers from 11am to the wee hours.

Watch this film for highlights of the day (3min 16sec) >>>

Founded 21 years ago by Ajay and fellow British Asian artist Simmy Gupta, we create live performances that encompass dance, music, circus skills, film, and digital design. Our mission is to bring to life awe-inspiring stories of the British South-Asian experience through joyous and playful performances and installations.

For more about our journey, inspirations, and exciting projects, read the full post online on the National Lottery site.