Nutkhut’s InterPlanetary Autumn Activity

Nutkhut’s InterPlanetary Autumn Activity

Wow wee its NIPAA (Nutkhut’s InterPlanetary Autumn Activity) time!

A decade ago, Nutkhut pioneered a different way of working.

Nutkhut’s InterPlanetary Autumn Activity

A decade ago, Nutkhut brought audiences to the attention of Holsts ‘Savitiri’ –  a new commission with the Philharmonia Orchestra ,  a London premiere – a creative collaboration for the London Olympics as a finale of the London Mela. It set off the heels of motion for a whole new generation of artists of South Asian origin to bring together two different yet complementary worlds.

Written in Edwardian England by a man who never set foot in India, Socialist, teetotal, vegetarian trombonist from Gloucestershire became proficient in Sanskrit and absorbed himself in ancient Vedic philosophy.

“The Planets is a stunning piece of music. The inspiration it holds for modern cinema is undeniable. It deserves its place in history as one of the most seminal & iconic pieces ever written.” CultureSlate

Nutkhut are a community partner collaborating with The Holst Birthplace Trust & PlayLa.bZ CIC On Holst Spaceship Earth: Transit of Venus

This September, a series of Holst 150 events will celebrate the 150th birthday of musical icon Gustav Holst, including a free community event at Imperial Gardens on the seminal composer’s birthday.

This multipotentiality knowledge share project will bring together a diverse and stellar crew of cultural innovators, academics, narrative designers, musicians and createch artists to craft a new multi-sensory experience, that will conceptually craft Holst’s Spaceship Earth & The 1874 Transit of Venus.

Nutkhut are working with PlayLa.bZ, The Holst Birthplace Trust & switched on creative minds at University of Gloucestershire – School of Creative Arts, join us in being part of pop culture history for #Holst150 #LetsCreate