“Rebuilding community through Technology”

“We’ve got Zoom, we’ve got the phone, and most importantly, we’ve got each other. Whether you can see someone or not, the bond of family – that bond of love is always going to be there. We’re going to get through this.”
Chancellor Rishi Sunak

At this time of year, we would normally be producing, curating and organising outdoor celebrations around the UK, but due to the pandemic, these have been cancelled.

In these changing times, Nutkhut have collaborated with our partners, PlayLabZ and with a small team of artists and technologists to develop new ways of bringing people together.

Last weekend we premiered Melatopia, the World’s 1st Global Mela to a national and international audience. Using multiple platforms including Virtual Reality, the event, brought together on a shoestring budget, in a record three weeks, was visited by over a ¼ of a million people across 5 continents.

With ‘NutkhutRemote’ – as part of our investment in re-building community through technology, this Diwali 2020, we launch our latest strand of activity.

It was the Nobel Prize winning multi-dimensional scientist Dennis Gabor in his book ‘Inventing the Future” who future gazed with his observation:

“…and the creative artist may paint with a light beam, coloured at will by a touch of his fingers, which will be no more artificial to him than using a paint brush.”

Taking the festival of Diwali as a creative starting point, Nutkhut Associate and VR specialist, Lorna Inman adopts the three-dimensional computer-generated environment of Virtual Reality and places it within the ancient tradition of Rangoli, a geometric, technicolour aesthetic.

“Encouraging curiosity and keeping connected by offering free creative and educational tools, to the public, our existing and new audiences, is at the heart of this new initiative.”
Simmy Gupta, Nutkhut

With accessible creative tools like Tilt Brush, a new breed of up & coming artists can play, dance & flow with light art. So perfect timing for Diwali and its spiritual connection with art and wellbeing during a year like no other.

“Diving into the world of Rangoli has been an exciting introduction to an ancient art form and bringing it to a wider 21st century audience, using new technology has been very exciting for me as an artist.”
Lorna Inman

At its heart, NutkhutRemote is an activity designed to bring people together, learn new skills in a virtual environment and foster dialogue and creativity between generations of the same community or household.

“It was fantastic to collaborate again with Nutkhut & Lorna Inman – to share the mind expanding magic of immersive cyberdelic light art for social good.”
James E. Marks, Co-Founder PlayLabZ & PsychFi Artivist

“It was very nice to share my knowledge of Rangoli with the next generation. I have no idea of this technology but I want to learn – we can teach each other.”
Sudesh Kumari – Participant – Birmingham

With the gift of time, we have worked with our associate artists, partners and communities to unearth new creative solutions and new opportunities for our freelance family and our audiences.


Happy Diwali to you all!