Our Jubilee Sari’s return to London on the weekend of the 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence

Our Jubilee Sari’s return to London on the weekend of the 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence

Nutkhut’s Platinum Jubilee Sustainable Sari returns to London on the weekend of the 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence to the stunning Tower Suites by Blue Orchid Hotels.

Ten of Nutkhut’s Platinum Jubilee Sustainable Sari’s have been packaged, posted and stamped with a wax seal of approval to cities across five continents, including Commonwealth countries, and they have returned to the stunning Tower Suites by Blue Orchid Hotels on the weekend of the 75th Anniversary of Indian Independence.

Nutkhut are delighted that individuals have been wearing the Platinum Jubilee Sustainable Sari in front of iconic backdrops and how it has connected each country and individual, with the greater purpose of highlighting Climate Change and the need for a more sustainable future. Tina Gupta who wore the sari at Brooklyn Bridge, New York said: ‘Fashion exists in every corner and neighbourhood of this city – it’s been an excellent way to show how tech and heritage can work together to highlight a campaign.’

The Sari is made from sustainable recycled plastic bottles and embodies the spirit of the Platinum Jubilee and the Commonwealth. Vineeta Maharaj who was photographed outside the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco said: ‘Here in California we are working towards many solutions to make our planet more sustainable – it’s been an honour to participate in this excellent initiative’, and Shivani Satya who stood in front of The Colosseum, Rome said, ‘The G20 summit which was here in Rome in 2021, highlighted huge disparities in the Climate Change debate, particularly the role of Women. This initiative is one way to begin to enrol a wider body of people.’

Nutkhut’s Artistic Director Simmy Gupta said ‘We are delighted that Nutkhut’s Sustainable Sari has returned from its world tour to the Tower Suites by Blue Orchid Hotels, where together we will champion sustainability in the arts, fashion & hospitality industry.’

Jyoti Maharaj dressed in Suva is the cultural centre of Fiji, they said: ‘Climate Change is affecting our islands and our way of life – it’s not an idea of the future, it’s happening now and anything we can do to raise awareness is important, I’m honoured to be part of this brilliant campaign.’

The final destination of the Sari is back to its home in London, photographed with model Kiara at Tower Suites by Blue Orchid Hotels with the Tower of London & the Shard standing tall in the background. Nutkhut and Blue Orchid Hotels are collaborating in leading sustainability in the fashion and hospitality industry.

Tony Matharu, Chairman of Blue Orchid Hotels and Central London Alliance C.I.C said: ‘I am delighted that we can support the world’s first sustainable sari, setting new trends within the industry. The sari helps to place a spotlight on one of the most important issues of our time. The creativity and innovation demonstrated by Asian creative talent, continues to set new world standards whilst drawing positive attention to the global sustainable cause.’

The Platinum Jubilee Sustainable Sari is the first in a series, and a further collection of Nutkhut’s Sustainable Saris are in the making. Nutkhut are working across many sectors including the arts, hospitality, universities and communities to make sustainability part of our everyday lives. Each collection will be created with well-known celebrated institutions to educate about Climate Change through, the Sari, a timeless piece, which is more than 5,000 years old and considered to be among the oldest form of garment in the world still in existence.


Photo Credit © Nutkhut; left to right:  New Delhi – Smriti Chhabra, Blue Orchid Tower Suites London – Model; Kiara, Rome – Shivani Satya, Blue Orchid Tower Suites London – Model; Kiara.