Pinch, Punch – Joke’s on Us!

Pinch, Punch – Joke’s on Us!

Pinch, Punch – Joke’s on Us!

The Mystery of April Fool’s Day.

Do you know much about the All Fool’s Day? We sure didn’t here at NutKhut! And to be honest, we now know even less…

Much like the mischievous time itself, April 1st’s origins are uncertain.

There’s much speculation this yearly day-of-play stems from a rejoicing of springtime.

With the clocks changing and sudden summery spells headlining our weather reports, there’s plenty of colourful change to in the air that could encourage such a day.

Curiously, this ambiguous time of winter jumpers Vs. summer shirts makes us so often feels the weather is playing tricks on us, too!

Quit the clowning around, Mother Nature!

But delving deeper, there is a riotous history of parties at the time of year – including the Greco-Roman festival, Hilaria.

Traditionally celebrated on March 25th to honour Cybele, an Ancient Greek Mother of Gods, the Greeks sure knew how to throw a party!

Parades, pranks and masquerades were all on the menu to mark the occasion and the first day after the vernal equinox.

No kidding!

It’s fascinating to learn and then soon unlearn how little we really know about the day.

All the while we have so little grasp on the origins of the day, we still have taken such a fancy to it – particularly in Europe and North America.

Celebrated with jokes and good intent, there is fun to be had in this day of merriment – and why not, we say!?

Yes, the origins remain a mystery – but one thing’s for sure – us not knowing the history behind the mask but simply celebrating the whole light-hearted of the day at face-value is a welcome breath of fresh air.

We wish you a Happy April Fool’s, folks!