Share your Story with Us!

Share your Story with Us!

Nutkhut is excited to share that it needs members of the public to get involved in its latest project.

We’re on the lookout for personal stories about indentured labour in the 20th century as part of our new arts and heritage project, Girmit.

Project Girmit is a Nutkhut arts and heritage initiative focusing on the indentured labour system in Fiji between 1870 and 1920. After slavery was abolished in 1833, the British and other European powers started the indenture system to source cheap labour for their colonies.

Over 60,000 Indians were transported to Fiji between 1870 and 1920 as part of a legitimate but enforced mass migration.

Through the project, Nutkhut and its partners are looking to delve into this forgotten but essential part of history by sharing personal stories from those who knew people who were part of the indentured labour system.

Nutkhut is looking for people with indentured labour stories to tell and is especially interested in hearing from people of Mauritian, Trinidadian and Guyanese heritage, as well as British-Fijian heritage, whose ancestors were indentured labourers.

If you or a family member of yours is a descendent of an indentured labourer and are happy to share stories with Nutkhut for its Girmit oral history piece, please do get in touch with us.

You can email if you’re interested and if you know someone who might be interested in speaking to us, please do pass on the message.

This is a chance to be involved in a project about a long-forgotten but vital part of our history.

Girmit is part of our Defining Moments series of projects.  For more information click here