The Green Elephant in the Room Discussion Series – 2023 #1

The Green Elephant in the Room Discussion Series – 2023 #1

Our first Elephant in the Room discussion series for 2023 continues in Bradford – City of Culture 2025

Wednesday 1st February 4pm – 5pm | Kala Sangam Arts Centre, Bradford

This Nutkhut/Mela Partnership event asks;

“Does it matter what your parents did when you were 14?”

– An Elephant in the Room session with Nutkhut and The Mela Partnership crew at OAUK Conference 2023!

“The Green Elephant in the Room” – Nutkhut’s successful programme of seminars that holds a mirror up to the sector, focusing on environmental sustainability, now turns it’s attention to social mobility in the arts.

The Elephant is Changing Colour!

Join us for a lively discussion with real world examples, good practice, case studies and new ways of working.

Local events and local audiences are on the increase. Our data and metrics show common themes emerging from Mela Partnership events; local, intergenerational, and often the only cultural event attended by our audiences.

So if you are open to being part of the discussion and open to sharing your experience, please come along to Kala Sangam Arts Centre, Bradford, BD1 4TY on Wednesday 1st February 1600-1700.