The Sustainable Sari hits the Press!

The Sustainable Sari hits the Press!

The World’s first Platinum Jubilee Sustainable Sari has earned itself a feature in today’s editions of the The Daily Telegraph and The Times.


We are proud to announce our sustainable Sari created by Nutkhut’s co-artistic directors Simmy Gupta and Ajay Chhabra as featured in The Times & The Telegraph.

This Sari is made from recycled plastic, designed with the help of talented students at Arts University Bournemouth & Candida Boyes, with the final design chosen by internationally renowned designer Paul Costelloe.

We can’t wait for you to see them at The Queen’s Jubilee Pageant as a part of “The Wedding Party”.

Model Ueda, styled by Nutkhut’s Artistic director Simmy Gupta along with her mother Sushma Gupta.

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