The Wedding Party

Nutkhut’s Bollywood Themed Wedding Party at the Platinum Jubilee Watched by a Billion People

“One of my personal favourite bits was the Indian Wedding, I thought the whole thing just came alive. The British Asian community represented so beautifully, bringing colour to life and bringing a richness to British society that was not there in 1952, to a billion people watching around the world today.”
BBC journalist and broadcaster Kirsty Young in her summary of the day

Nutkhut’s stunning Bollywood themed Wedding Party, as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, was watched by a billion people and featured across the BBC, Sky News and major newspapers such as The Times, The Telegraph, The Daily Mail, The Sun and The Mirror.

The Wedding Party celebrated the universal joy of families and communities uniting through the coming together of two people. Drawing on the collective talent of Mela, it was performed by two hundred and fifty wedding guest performers of all ages, from London and across the country.


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Artistic Director and Choreographer of The Wedding Party, Simmy Gupta,

‘’It’s mind-blowing to see our vision come to life as a bird’s eye view. It has been a wonderful experience and so heart-warming to see this dream of bringing both professionals and everyday people of all ages, backgrounds and religions together, to create a high energy party atmosphere, of an authentic Asian Bollywood Wedding on the Mall for the Royal family, dignitaries, and the world to see on such a momentous occasion for Her Majesty. Reflecting Britain’s diversity and representing different communities from the South Asian Diaspora on the world’s stage is an honour and a privilege for me. These moments will stay with me forever. Thank you Platinum Jubilee Pageant for having faith in us.’

Nutkhut’s Wedding Party float was enjoyed not only by the huge brilliant crowds but also by the Royal Box, Prince George pointing to the cake as it came by, actor Meera Syal danced and showed her Bollywood moves, she said ‘You hear those drums and you gotta dance #ItsAPunjabiThing.’

“Stunning puppetry, the messaging, there was nothing synthetic about it, we have heard a lot of the Queens love of the Commonwealth, but there’s the Commonwealth’s love of the Queen, there is very much an understanding that this whole exercise in really transforming the map of what was once the British Empire, now we have this extraordinary tapestry of nations and they are all united by this extraordinary head, who’s brought them all together.”
Author and filmmaker Robert Hardman


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Pageant Master Adrian Evans said ‘Nutkhut’s Wedding Party combined sustainability, heritage and technology, to create a joyous intergenerational riot of colour, energy and passion.’

Co-Artistic Director Ajay Chhabra said ‘Creating a universal theme, of two people coming together and to present this on the world stage, through the lens of sustainability, community, art and technology has been both an honour and a joy!’

A once in a lifetime opportunity, the Nutkhut legacy at the Jubilee Pageant will live on via opportunities for weddings, festivals & events, through Nutkhut’s Platinum Jubilee Sustainable Sari, the six metre high Wedding Cake & the four metre high Bride & Groom Puppets.


“A celebration of diversity today , of people, culture, we are an extraordinary nation.”
Actress Jenny Agutter


<< If you’d like to hire the 6-metre Wedding Cake, the 4-metre Puppets or the Platinum Jubilee Sari for your own celebrations (e.g. wedding, festival) please email us at for more details >>

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Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant 2022 (C) Nutkhut -Kois Miah -10 (Small)
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Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant 2022 (C) Nutkhut -Kois Miah-6 (Small)
Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant, GDA Sch -4 (Small)
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