Lost to film history, Shanta Rao Dutt was one of the world’s first filmmakers.

A truly global family company with a footprint on every continent, Movieplex, in association with Nutkhut, continues the legacy of its founder, Shanta Rao Dutt.

To this day, more than a century later, his descendants continue to pursue innovation in the field of the moving image, whilst keeping alive the memory of this extraordinary man and his life and work.

The Movieplex experience takes place within two inter-connected containers, especially constructed to house the Dutt exhibition and miniature cinema.

Visitors are guided through the Movieplex experience by Professor Leonard Plate and Lucy Forster, two fanatical fans of the Dutt family’s films, collectively known as Dutters.

"Before YouTube, before digital, before colour, there was only Dutt."

- Professor Leonard Plate

Movieplex Video

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