A unique blend of Vedic and Victoriana, Swyron is a steampunk revolutionary, situated somewhere between the Mahabharata and H.G. Wells. A timeless, universal and mythical character complete with full armour, Swyron journeys on his time-travelling, steam-billowing machine – delighting and astounding audiences with his intergalactic adventures.

Swyron is a steampunk superhero inspired by Vedic mythology and exists in parallel to Grant Morrison and Mukesh Singh’s graphic novel 18 days in which the Mahabharata has been re-interpreted with a futuristic twist.

The performance can be offered as a stand-alone walkabout or with an additional contemporary dance element inspired by the twin paradox theory.

What our audience have to say about Swyron…

“Next Dr. Who Enemy!” – Adit age 7

“Ace warrior” Michael, 42

“Cool!” Diren, 6

“Very spaced out!” Cherie, 35

“Excellent!” Khairul, 63

"The act which had arguably travelled the furthest was the striking Intergalactic Time Traveller – a kind of ancient, Asian take on Robocop which was body-popping outside New Look."

- The Westmoreland Gazette

Swyron Video

SWYRON from Nutkhut on Vimeo.

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