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T’was the night before Diwali

As the curtain opened at the start of the show, over 1000 smiling faces greeted our cast of 75 children. This image, captures the curtain call.. it’s the end of the show, everyone is buzzing, exhausted but happy and elevated. Storytelling, drama and performance has a magical magnetic feeling - it can bring new people together, give confidence, create everlasting friendships and more. Being involved with the wonderful Yog Foundation and making a show with such delightful moments of enthusiasm and with such enthusiastic people, in a school hall and close to where people live, makes you realise how important it is, to keep the debate of how the arts are funded alive. We need a proper national debate, where the arts form part of our daily lives, through new housing developments, with new communities and through social cohesion. The arts should and can be accessible to all.