If you are looking for the very latest Nutkhut news, you’ve come to the right place.

In collaboration with Walk the Plank and Dhol Academy we’re bringing back the largest Dhol Drum in the world and visiting a variety of Mela Partnership mela’s up and down the country this summer!

Starting off at the Manchester Mega Mela on 21st July we’ll also be visiting Luton Mela, Bradford Mela, London Mela and Newcastle Mela this year!

Be prepared to be amazed as this fantastic spectacle twists and turns, surprising audiences young and old.


We’re really excited to be teaming up with the team at the Bureau of Silly Ideas to bring you a brand new show Chappal.

As part of the Mela Partnership programme we will be bringing the show to Tunbridge Wells Mela on Sunday 1st July and Sandwell & Birmingham Mela on Saturday 14th July.

Join us for some madcap fun and mayhem as Inspector Daal and Sergeant Sole investigate the mystery of Aunt-ji’s missing antique Sandal.


Fresh Air

Nutkhut is committed to collecting data in order to understand our audiences better and to invite new audiences to enage with our work – during the summer of 2016, whilst we are out in the fresh air, presenting our work across the country, catch one of our team, fill in a short survey and be in with a chance to win a brand new iPad Air!

At Nutkhut we love it when old meets new – so when Mike Mclean pitched to us to shoot our recent production ‘Dr Blighty’ with his 100 year old Kodak No2 Camera, we couldn’t think of a more beautiful way to shoot our contemporary production. We caught up with Mike to find out more about the project…

“This project idea came when I saw a friend, Finn Hopkin, post images from the first evenings show on social media. After reading the Brighton Festival programme information and doing some further research, I decided it would be an interesting and challenging project to take photographs with a film camera that was made from the same era, circa 1918.

The Kodak No2 Folding Autographic Brownie is a beautifully made iconic Kodak folding type camera that only has two settings, aperture and shutter speed. But then again, what more do you need? Kodak made millions of these and similar cameras in the pre and post war period.

I first went down on the Friday evening and was introduced to Ajay by the official event photographer, Alex Bamford. Working at night with a folding camera with a very dim mirror viewfinder is tricky as you cannot compose the image at all, it’s just lining up the camera with a fingers crossed strategy.”