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London Mela 2019

It’s the 17th edition of the London Mela this year!

New Music, new talent, the heartbeat of diverse London – for a full weekend of high quality, intergenerational and diverse craziness, get down to Southall Park on the 31 August and 1 September – it’s the last weekend of the summer holidays, so why not finish on a high!

London’s best kept secret – Evening Standard

GDIF 2019

14 of our national partnership organisations attended GDIF 2019 this year.

A first for the Outdoor Arts sector and a first for GDIF – 3 days of shows, debates, seminars and meetings resulted in our partner orgs’ booking shows they had seen, meeting stakeholders, sharing case studies of good practice and most importantly of all, introducing the Mela sector to a range of international and national partners.



Mela @ GDIF 2019

Image: KHOJ © Nutkhut / Cirque Bijou co-production – Luton Mela Photo: Dev Patel

The Mela Partnership and OutdoorArtsUK invite the UK Mela sector to attend a day of Outdoor Arts at the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival (GDIF).

As part of the GDIF Festival HUB – a gathering point for professionals working in the national and international Outdoor Arts sector – we would like to invite Mela producers, programmers, funders and artists to join us and discover more about Outdoor Arts in the context of the Greenwich and Docklands International Festival.

This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the wider world of Outdoor Arts, learn about the structure of the sector and how the funding works, broaden your professional networks and, crucially, explore ways in which Mela and Outdoor Arts can work together in future collaborations and creative partnerships. Most importantly, it should be a very enjoyable day with the chance to experience some great shows and performances from around the world to offer inspiration, magic and celebrate creativity.

Who Are We!

Over the past two summers, we have been piloting a new way of identifying our audiences, where they come from and why they attend our events?

Our audiences are intergenerational, multi, sometimes try lingual, so we’ve started to apply this to the make up of our teams.

Welcome Simi and Reena!