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The Joya of January

January always starts hard and fast for us. New years resolutions up and running (well almost!), happy new year greetings almost exhausted and with a chill in the air, we couldn’t think of a better way to start the year than to be surrounded by books in the home of Joya Knight.

Partition survivor, former science teacher in the UK’s first comprehensive, Japanese language student and all round Nutkhut inspiration, Joya Knight kicks of our calendar month. Researching her life amongst her books and her art has been an inspiration and a total Joy.

After a chance meeting in the lobby of our office in Charlton House, Joya’s contribution to our ‘Defining Moments’ series has contributed to making the whole process clearer and has given the project meaning. Joya’s experience of Partition will form part of our National Education Toolkit for generations to come.

The first flurry of snow to hit the lawn.

The view from our office hasn’t changed for 400 years – well, except for a few 1960’s flats in the distance and a recently opened skate park!

15 minutes from Canary Wharf, the financial heart of Europe (not for long though bahhhhh :(), 20 minutes to London Bridge and 2 minutes walk to our favourite morning cafe, Nutkhut HQ is that careful balance of a place to work a place to think and a place to meet in a big, bustling city.

Come rain or shine, catch us midweek on our regular 20 minute weekly meeting walk -championed by Steve Jobs, Sigmund Freud, Aristotle – walking meetings are now being prescribed by Public Health England (PHE) as a potential cure to chronic sedentary-ism in the workplace.

So out of the back door, around the lawn, past the Ha Ha (the sunken ditch at the end of the lawn), around the rose garden, through the Japanese Peace Garden, huzzah! Meeting done!

So, come rain or shine, flurry or no flurry, our walking meetings are a must!

The Mighty Mr Malik

As the year draws to a close, we feature the mighty Mr Malik.

After retirement, Mr Malik dedicated his time to his local drop in community centre – board member, instigator and ‘the make it happen type’. We thought we knew Mr Malik, but the penny dropped when he shared his life long enthusiasm and love of all things trains. We never asked why and when we did, it all came together.
70 years ago, as a child, his family made a 1000 mile journey from one side of the sub continent to another. Changing steam trains 8 times, crossing borders, open air carriages in many cases, Mr Malik painted an exciting and optimistic picture of this journey, through the eyes of a young child. But rather than being in contempt of this experience, he made it his own. We salute you Mr Malik and look forward to 2019 and working with your experience and sharing your anecdotes and moments to a wider and younger audience.

A chance conversation in Stockton High Street in 2012, resulted in a friendship and connection which has taken us on parades, worked with rural communities in County Durham and now exciting conversations in Cumbria. Julie Ward MEP for the North West has an infectious appetite for bringing people together. A few emails, a few phone calls later, resulted in this.

We were VERY pleased to meet with Adrian Lochhead and Heather Walker of Eden Arts. The meeting, brought about by MEP Julie Ward and attended by Eden District Council Leader Kevin Beaty was the first step in what we hope will be a really fruitful partnership. Julie had first thought of Mela in Cumbria when the Cumbria floods brought a fantastic response from the Muslim community that saw people come to give their time to travel to Cumbria to help with the clean up and show caring and love and compassion. She suggested that Ajay get in touch with Adrian to see if they would be interested in talking about how we could work together – and of course, they said yes!

Kevin is always supportive of looking at how we can bring new initiatives to Cumbria that might help us to further our mutual objectives of making Eden an even more fantastic place to live in and to visit. We very much appreciate that he’s prepared to give his time to join in with discussions like this. Adrian is a dude, Heather is a dude, Kevin is doo–er and can make it happen and Julie is amazing. A Perfect Storm!

So…… SO….! let’s see… we are on it…. #workingforeden #workingforcumbria #workingtogether #adrian